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Specifications for LandKing WP12C series marine diesel engine

LandKing WP12C Series Marine Diesel Engine
Model WP12C450 WP12C400 WP12C350
Type water cooling, 4 strokes, in-line, turbocharged intercooled
Displacement(L) 11.596
Bore/stroke(mm) 126/155
Cylinder numbers 6
valve number per cylinder 4
average effective pressure(MPa) 1,626 1,690 1,766
Compression ratio 17:1
Injection advance angle 14 10 10
the outbreak of the cylinder pressure(MPa) ≤16
Special fuel consumption(g/kW.h) ≤192
Unladen stability of the minimum speed 600±50
After the turbine exhaust temperature(℃) ≤600
Smoke(Rb) ≤1.0
Rotation direction of crankshaft Counterclockwise(face to flywheel end)
Net weight(kg) 1200
Overall dimension (mm) 1717×836×1274

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